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Text 999

Pre course information.

Prior to our day in the hills it’s always a good idea to send a reminder about what we will do and what we will need. Some things will be a reminder, some things will be new. Please don’t fret if you suddenly feel you could be out of your depth. This course works on many different levels and everyone will go away with some extra skill for the future. Please take time to check the links below.


Also, it isn’t a trial of strength. If there’s a fell runner in the group he or she will be moving at the pace best for the whole group. There’s quite a bit of stopping and starting to look at skills so time for a breather, drink or snack.

This is your course so if you wish to explore new ground and we can fit in a first ascent then we will try to do so. You will need Ordnance Survey Explorer maps either waterproof or with a map case.

Weather is always an issue. The route we take will be governed by the conditions on the day. It won’t be serious, it has to be enjoyable!

You can monitor these forecasts as the weekend approaches:


MWIS for the Lake District

Met Office.

Surface Pressure charts.

So here you are:

What we will do:

Route planning.

Become used to a 1:25000 map for navigation.

Looking at orientation, the lie of the land, bearings, calculating time and distance.

Dealing with the weather.

Keeping safe. Emergency procedure and group care.  Grid references.

Equipment. Is the most expensive best and can I carry everything?

Learning about the upland environment.

Plus a lot of chat and discussion. GPS for instance. If you want to know then ask!

What we will need:

Waterproof jacket and trousers.

Waterproof inner bag for dry gear.

Plastic survival bag for emergency use.

Clothing suitable for the weather on the day plus spare gloves, hat and warm layer. See weather above.

Medium size rucksack 20 to 40 litres.

Walking boots not trainers.

Food and drink. Flask or stove.

Silva type compass on degrees e.g Type Field 7 Classic or Ranger.

Maps as above.

Torch (ideally a headtorch) with good batteries. We won’t necessarily finish in the dark but it’s a sensible precaution.

Camera and Mobile phone in waterproof cases – charged up! You could do a lot worse than register for 999 Text. Read this.

If this sounds serious, it isn’t. It’s just common sense and all part of looking after ourselves and others in the hills.


Mountain Training website for lots of resources.

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