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From a Mountain Leader Training course 21st May 2019

Just wanted to drop you both an email and thank you again for an excellent training course.  The whole experience was fantastic and I have learned so much.  I came on the training believing that I already had (more or less) all the necessary skills, based on what my climbing partner, Mike Sadler (AMI) told me.  I wanted to do the training to tick the box and progress onto assessment.  However, the reality was that I had an enormous amount to learn and skills that needed sharpening and perfecting. All in all, I was humbled.
I really enjoyed meeting the other people on the course, getting to know them, and learning about their personal experiences and challenges.  It is far too easy to “spit out ones dummy” and say “so and so spoilt the trip” when you haven’t taken the time to understand the personal challenges that they are going through.
The river crossing section was a great eye opener and it was good to get some hands on experience.  The weather section was insightful and has ignited a strangely geeky interest in synoptic charts and pressure systems – one of my personal goals is to fully understand the weather.
Phil’s delivery and management of the navigation and expedition was first rate and I have learned an enormous amount from him.  It was really refreshing to do a course with someone who has such a diverse and wide range of knowledge about some many different aspects of the outdoors – very inspiring.  I understand now what Phil means when he says that I’ am to task oriented – if I can inspire the same level of interest in my groups, as he has with me, then its a job well done.
Anyway, I have rambled enough.  I will be recommending your guys to anyone and everyone I speak to, I will continue to get out in the mountains and log the QMD’s, and I will be booking up for assessment as soon as I agree it with my boss (or sooner if I thrown in the towel and walk out).
Many, many thanks again,
Your friend,
Mike Collins