Flooding in Cumbria

We’ve all been having a very wet time of it over the last few days. For some it has become nothing short of a disaster. Please remember a few things:
1. There is more rain to come.
2. Cumbrian roads will be in a sorry state and will retain floodwater for a few days yet. Don’t travel unless it’s necessary, you’ll only be getting in the way of cleaning up and repairs.
3. Some road bridges have gone completely (Pooley Bridge for instance) and some roads (e.g. Dunmail Raise) so route planning will need attention. It is highly likely that footpath bridges may have suffered similar fates. So check that they are safe to cross and have in mind an alternative route home.
4. Landslides have been common so walking routes may be affected. The ground is still very wet and some areas may be highly unstable. Be vary careful. We are accustomed to avalanche awareness in winter but think about the terrain you are crossing.
5. Water levels in streams are dropping but still running very high. Think twice about needing to do river crossings. Not only can you be swept off your feet but loose debris is very unstable.
6. Be aware of floating bog where it may be possible to fall through surface turf.
7. Finally, bear a thought for everyone that makes the Lake District work. Be patient and spend your dosh at local independent businesses. Over the coming year there will be opportunity to contribute in many ways to the recovery of everyone affected in Cumbria.

An initial event is being organised to help those affected get back on their feet:

A Grand Day Out in Cumbria

See here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1545412722417603/

I hope all of you that can attend or help out will give it their best efforts.

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